brass handicrafts

Gifts could be exchanged at any and every occasion and we have a large database of a vivid collection of gift suppliers, exporters, importers and specialized manufacturers. Gifts, presents and parcels, always find a ready and eager audience, in children and adults alike. Special occasions are waited upon as opportunities to receive and present gifts. Not restricted to family and friends, gifts have also made their way into the corporate world, with corporate gifts and promotional gift items forming a sizable bulk of an already brimming market. India is a large and growing centre for gifts and gift items today. Overseas, it is gift articles like brassware, EPNS Ware and silverware handicrafts which find immense popularity. These largely consist of candle stands, christmas ornaments, home furnishings, figurines, antiques and other collectibles and decorative.

On the domestic front, especially with the facility of ordering gifts online, the gift manufacturing segment of our industry is experiencing a boomtime! From soft toys, flowers, cakes, apparel, garments, leather items, stationery items, to cotton and canvas bags, craft items, photo frames, cosmetics, jewelry and books, anything and everything is available. In the promotional gifts and gift articles segment it is primarily items such as stationery articles, pens, pen sets, organizers, key chains, planners, diaries and card holders which have found a ready market.

Our manufacturers and suppliers cover all sorts of gifting occasions. We have Christmas gift Items like ornaments and decoratives, Coffee gift Sets, General gifting like Gardening planters, Religious Articles and gift sets. Gift articles exporters and manufacturers, offers novelty corporate gifts and promotional products.

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